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Your Best Life

  • “Do I have enough money to ___________ (fill in the blank)?”

  • “Will I have enough money to retire?”

These are two questions that people often ask themselves when they start thinking about financial planning—and that's natural. We expect our money to help us feel safe, especially as we grow older and start thinking about retirement.

Unfortunately, if you view your savings and investments only as numbers on a page that you're trying to nudge upwards then there's no such thing as “enough.” You could always be saving more. You could always be investing more. You could always be spending less. But does doing so make you feel any happier?

Your financial plan should be a vehicle that takes you where you want to go. If you're

fixated on “having enough money,” then your plan, and the life it provides you, will be stuck in a cul-de-sac. You'll find yourself trying to justify every minor and major financial decision as you circle around and around wondering if you “have enough.”

That's not a trip that's going to make you feel secure. It's definitely not going to make you feel happy either. Today, people are starting to ask a new question about their financial plan: “Am I getting the best life possible with the money I have?”

Instead of focusing exclusively on their traditional return on investment (ROI), these folks are starting to focus on pursuing their best lives.

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