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Below is a list of questions I've collected over the years from clients as we've navigated the on-boarding process. This page answers common questions and delivers some insight about what it feels like to work with us.

Frequently asked questions

What should I expect in our first conversation?

I'll ask you some questions and carefully listen and how you respond. I want to make sure I fully understand your situation before I offer any solutions. That is why we start with a financial plan.

Why is a financial plan important?

A financial plan is our roadmap to success together. It displays where you are now and where you want to go. I as the advisor will guide and translate the financial planning technology to make sure we leave no stone unturned. Once we have an established financial picture it is easier to deliver solutions.

Do you work with clients that don't live in Idaho?

Yes. While most of my clients reside in Idaho, some of my best clients are exclusively virtual. We have the technology and infrastructure to deliver an in person feel with the conveniences that come with virtual.

Fees: When & what will I be charged?

There are a few ways financial advisors make money. These may or may not pertain to you depending on your financial situation: - Product commission (i.e. life insurance, LTC insurance, annuties): will be disclosued before execution - Percentage of assets managed: 1% - 1.8% depending on your situatuation - Financial Planning Fee - starting at $1500 You will be charged according to execution of the above, for example: - product commission comes to me directly from the carrier once a policy is set in place - your percentage of asset are charged quarterly throughout the year - your fee will be charged at the end of the planning process

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